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Promoting ICT for
Sustainable rural Livelihoods


    CEO Message


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Nile Institute of Information and Communication Technology, we are an exciting, fast growing ICT training and business Institute with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive contributions to the nation’s most difficult problems of unemployment. We love to work with the rural-urban mix for sustainable livelihoods.

The growing needs for ICT skills and knowledge are of immense importance to today’s business & job creation. The ever increasing advancement of technology is allowing an enterprise to store more information, in smaller packages than ever before. It enables instantaneous access to information anywhere, anytime, by any one, including multiple tiers of vendors, customers and students. This continuing revolution is creating great opportunities to companies with foresight to react faster to customers’ needs and open new areas of business.


My vision is to transform our Institute to the INSTITUTE OF CHOICE for innovation in the areas of ICT training and business solution where knowledge management is the foundation of growth and the staff is shareholder in the profit of the Institute. We intend to be an Institution whose staff is so motivated that they wakes up in the night with bright ideas to increase the Institute outlook and jump out of their beds every morning to take an eager start of the day.

I dream of us being the magnet to world class ICT training giants seeking partnership and corporate relationship with us in win-win scenario. Borrowing a quote from Aristotle: “All men by nature desire knowledge”. It is knowledge that also spurs us to achieve greater heights. We invest heavily in our R&D activities, broaden our technology portfolio, and in addition to our regular Business Development Operation activities, cover operational costs in training and Management.


We value our clients’ needs and will go an extra mile to work with them as ONE team and help them achieve their long-term objectives through INNOVATION in ICT training, PERFECTION in Business Solutions, and KNOWLEDGE in Strategy, displaying our well backed stand of “We Train for the Future” meaning that we believe in Knowledge Gain throughout Life.


In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our students /clients, our partners, our employees, management, and the board for their continued excellent contributions. Finally, I also wish to thank our long term donors, advisers, and District authorities for their continued support and confidence in Nile Institute of Information and Communication Technology.

Best Wishes,

Mr. John Acire


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